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Tim Maslen

Tim Maslen has many years of angling experience on rivers, particularly on the River Severn around the Upton-upon-Severn area, known as the lower Severn. He has been a keen angler since he was a young lad and has built up an excellent knowledge base of the river and its features over the last 18 years.

In his time he has accomplished many large specimens including Pike exceeding 20lb, numerous specimen Barbel, as well as large carp and zander.

Tim will show you how to make rigs and ways to use them, aswell as give advice on baits and tactics, and he will be more than happy to share with you some of the secret spots of the River Severn.

Tim said “After spending a few years fishing the Severn from the bank, I quickly realised the potential of getting afloat and looking for stretches of river that couldn’t be accessed in the normal way. It’s no coincidence that many of these spots offer some of the most productive angling on the Severn.”

fishing guide on the river severn

Dave Pugh

The Severn around Upton offers excellent lure fishing opportunities for Zander, Pike, Chub and Perch, and Severn Expeditions is proud to offer specialised lure fishing guided trips with Dave Pugh – one of Britain’s best Lure anglers!

Dave has been fishing this stretch of the river since 2002 so he knows the river very well and has caught plenty of fish in all conditions and seasons. It can be a demanding piece of water with powerful currents, a complex river bed with dramatically varying depths and enough sunken trees and snags to deter many lure anglers. Dave has a long experience of guiding and can tailor a session to meet the requirements of anglers of all skill levels.

Dave said “I think the essence of guiding is not just about putting the boat near a few fish but in assisting anglers to get the techniques right for the swim and the conditions, there’s a lot more to it than just casting them out and winding them back! Apart from catching a few fish I will demonstrate how to interpret the sonar screen and read the river bed as well as how to control the boat. The techniques you can use include trolling, casting and “vertical” jigging”

As well catching fish Dave will show you how read the river bed and how to control the boat including trolling, casting and “vertical” jigging” techniques.


Equipment – You will have the option to make use of Dave’s tackle and lures, some of the gear is quite specialised and he has everything you’ll need, or you are welcome to use your own.

Life jackets are also provided. Dave’s boat “Mistress” is old but spacious, solidly made from fibreglass, so is very stable and safe, there is no cabin though, so you will need to provide adequate rain wear. If you are not familiar with boat fishing you will find that it is always colder/hotter/windier/wetter on the boat than it is on the bank, so remember sunblock and Polaroids for the summer and an extra couple of layers for the winter. You will also bring your own food and drinks. Dave doesn’t usually stop for a break you will eat on the move to maximise fishing time.

For more information about Dave Pugh you can visit his website

Boat Hire Special Deal

If you fancy doing a morning’s guiding with Dave Pugh followed by an afternoons self-drive boat hire, to hone and practice your new skills and techniques, we can sort it, just get in touch to discuss and get a price.

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